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Do I need to be a good walker?
You don’t have to be the best walker, but you should at least enjoy walking. The tour is really not a difficult walk - no hills to climb (but there are some steep stairs that may be encountered during the walk} We actually only go about 4 blocks from the hotel (but note that many of the stops on the tour we will be standing for up to ten minutes at one time with no seating available) Good shoes are recommended and best to always dress warmly because of the always changing San Francisco weather.

Remember that the tour is presented in a “lecture style”, so there is actually more standing then walking (warning: anyone with a short attention span, this may not be the best tour for you...)

How Long is the Tour?
If all goes well, the tour is approximately 2.5 hours long - sometimes shorter, but can be longer depending on the number of people on the tour and/or traffic on the streets. Questions and conversations can also make the tour go longer than expected.

What if I'm late to the Tour?
Note that the tour leaves promptly at designated starting time and it will be hard to find us if you're late
I recommend that you arrive at the hotel lobby at least 10 minutes before the start of the tour (the hotel lobby has nice comfy couches for you to enjoy while you wait for the tour to begin). Remember, that you need to factor in extra time for public transportation that may be late or the difficulty of finding parking

What about Parking?
There are several downtown lots available in the financial district but remember parking is expensive! -  using public transportation is always recommended (The Galleria Park Hotel is very close to the Montgomery Street Bart and Muni station). Sutter/Stockton Garage is about two blocks away from the Hotel

How should I dress?
Again, I suggest that you dress very casually (and warmly). Dress in layers, and wear comfortable shoes (remember, you will be doing a lot of standing) - most of the tour is outdoors and San Francisco's weather can change within 30 minutes! Also a good idea not to bring shopping bags or to be weighted down with heavy backpacks because of the length of the tour

Should I be prepared to take notes?
Probably not necessary. Everyone will get a handout at the end of the walk that will list all the major buildings discussed during the tour

Any other suggestions to get more from the experience?
Yes. Please no cell phone conversations during the tour - it is important for you and everyone on the tour not to have any distractions during the walk. This is a rare opportunity to allow yourself time to connect with your surroundings, to listen and to reflect. Cell phone of course can be use to take photos

Are your tours appropriate for children?

The tour is designed for adults or young adults with an interest in architecture and/or history of San Francisco. Not recommended for children under 12. Age 12 and over depends on the personality and interest level of your child. I've had 12-years olds who have enjoyed every last detail of the stories about the great buildings of the city but 18-years olds who were bored and restless by the architectural historical explanation. I try to keep the tour fun and accessible but the content of the tour is relatively sophisticated and presented in a “lecture” style.

Baby Strollers?
Absolutely no baby strollers during the walk because of the many stairs that we encounter on the walk and the tight elevators we use in some of the buildings

Can I bring my well behaved dog on the walk?
No animals of any kind are allowed on the walk. We go into many private lobbies that do not allow animals

Will there be restrooms available on the walk?
Sorry, there are no public restrooms during the walk but there are restrooms available in the hotel lobby and can be used prior to the start of the tour

How do I make a reservation?
Click on the tab labeled "reservations" (above and to the right of this page). Call (415) 264-8824 if you are reserving on the same day of the tour (not necessary to call if you are making advance reservations, best option is online).

Can I pay with a credit card?
No, only cash accepted day of tour. $40.00 per person, collected at the beginning of the tour at check-in (another good reason to get to the lobby early!)

Do we need to tip?
I never ask for tip for a tip at the end of the tour but a tip is appreciated If you think that you received a quality experience above and beyond the price of the tour!

Rain Policy/Cold Wind

Tour is usually cancelled only if there is heavy rain or very strong cold winds.  
A decision to cancel the tour will be made the morning of the tour. Call 415.264.8824 to inquire status after 9:00 a.m

What if I need to cancel my reservation?
I may have people on a waiting list, so always let me know if you need to cancel - Email me at or call/text me at 415-264-8824

Do you give private or group tours?
Private and group tours for the Architecture Walking Tour are available every day. 8 Person Minimum (or minimum $320.00 if there are less people in your party) 20 person Maximum

Do you offer Gift Certificates?

Yes. Gift Certificates for the tour can be requested on this website (above to the right of this page). The certificate will be emailed to you via a PDF document which can be printed out and placed in an envelope. You will then be instructed to send a check to validate the certificate. Certificates are valid for one year from date of purchase. Send an email to to request a gift certificate (mention if it is one person or two people).

Additional information needed?
Contact me at, and I'll respond to your question within 24 hours